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1Starr Entertainment Group powered by 1Starr prides itself in being the trend-setter and the visionary in all genres of the entertainment industry. We at 1Starr pride ourselves on on of our projects and all of our projects for our clients with providing the best experience and solutions both in front of and behind the camera from pre production to post production. 

Our talent are and our production team are true examples of class and professionalism. We are here to destroy all raunchy images and portrayals of people of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds while providing a true education on what entertainment truly is and making people of all walks of life feel truly beautiful both inside and out. 

1Starr is dedicated to putting the true power back into the entertainment industry.  Giving the power back to the people instead of having "the corporate-owned machine" dictate how society should be entertained.

1Starr Entertainment Group is a proud venture of 1Starr Inc.

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